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Coming up with a new name for the AT&T Center

The Spurs home arena will be called something else next season, so here are some new ideas.

With their partnership with AT&T coming to an end after the 2021-22. the San Antonio Spurs will be looking to rename their arena for the second time since it was opened in 2002. The first time was out their control, as the originally-named SBC Center switched over the the AT&T Center after SBC Communications changed its name to AT&T Inc, but now the new naming rights are are in the Spurs hands, and they will be using Legends Global Partnerships to represent Spurs Sports & Entertainment in securing a new naming rights partner.

“We are grateful to AT&T for their commitment to our organization and community over the last two decades,” said Brandon Gayle, Chief Operating Officer for SS&E. “Our next arena naming rights partner will have a unique opportunity to reach and engage one of the most passionate and diverse fan bases in all of professional sports. We look forward to working with Legends to welcome a new partner that helps us deliver on our purpose of creating moments that excite, memories that endure and connections that strengthen our community.”

__ __ __

Legends Global Partnerships brings a depth of experience in the naming rights space, using a data and analytics-based approach from the search process through to creating unique, holistic partnerships that expand far beyond the name on the building. Most recently, Legends Global Partnerships represented the Los Angeles Rams’ and Chargers’ SoFi Stadium, the Las Vegas Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium, Hollywood Park’s YouTube Theater, Los Angeles Football Club’s Banc of California Stadium and the Columbus Crew’s Field. The slate of services from Legends Global Partnerships includes naming rights and other venue entitlement positions, jersey sponsorships, premier events, emerging entertainment platforms and mixed-use real estate development.

Considering Spurs have control over the new name of their arena, fans are already having some fun with some silly ideas, like their favorite restaurants, so why not do the same here? Here’s some serious, silly, and personal ideas from my end, and feel free to come up with your own in the comments below!

Actual serious contenders

First to get the serious stuff out of the way, there are the actual, locally owned/head-quartered businesses in San Antonio that already have large partnerships with the franchise and would likely have a head start if they want it.

  • Valero Center (boring but in line with typical arena names)
  • H-E-B House (and no, I’m not going to take advantage of Mr. Harry’s last name on here)
  • USAA Arena (or merged together, USAArena — try saying that without stuttering)
  • Frost Fieldhouse (leaving out the “Bank” in Frost Bank to make it ironic since winter precipitation is rare in San Antonio)

The fun, local options

Now just some more random ideas that are a little silly and unlikely but would fit the Spurs and city of San Antonio perfectly:

  • Alamo Arena (I can just see the arced facade on top of the AT&T Center being replaced with the internationally-recognized Alamo shaped one as we speak)
  • Military City Fieldhouse (a salute to San Antonio’s large military presence)
  • Casa de Fiesta (a salute to San Antoinio’s Hispanic heritage and favorite tradition)
  • Spurs Cabana (via Taco Cabana and another nod to SA’s Hispanic heritage)
  • Whataburger Sports Arena (this one isn’t great, anyone who can do better with Texas’s favorite burger joint, feel free)
  • Rodeo Roadhouse (because the Spurs always get sent on the road by the Rodeo? Plus the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is constantly considered one of the best in the nation)

The only acceptable option

It’s true, everyone knows the biggest reason the Spurs built their own arena was because a certain star player wanted it, and it paid off, to put it mildly:

  • The House that Timmy Built

Okay Pounders, now it’s your turn. Which options that my non-creative, analytical brain came up with do you like most, what are some of your suggestions, serious or silly? Feel free to have fun with it in the comments below!