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Appreciation for the Spurs support of our vets

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of our service members.

San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings

I grew up here in San Antonio. The military has always been a big part of my association with the city. I had those friends in school who passed through for a time and moved on when their parents were given a new assignment.

All of my mom’s brothers were in branches of the military. I believe at least one was in both the Navy and then later in the Coast Guard. My father was in the Marine Corps in the reserves. To this day he doesn’t seem to recognize himself as retired military because he didn’t think he did enough.

Being a fan of the Spurs reinforces the city’s reputation as Military City, U.S.A. Throughout the season there are multiple celebrations of the military at the AT&T Center.

Sure, we have David “The Admiral” Robinson and Gregg Popovich, but the outreach from the organization to the military branches goes beyond our spotlight members.

Before the pandemic, the Spurs would host military at the AT&T Center to go through an afternoon of Spurs training with the actual coaching staff. Watching the coaches interact with the participants was special. I was invited to cover the event multiple times and it has been a highlight of my time with Pounding the Rock.

The Spurs do so much to honor those who serve, and it’s a wonderful day to stop for a moment and remind ourselves what a great place we live in. Be grateful for those who give so much for our freedom. Today is the day to call that service member you personally know and thank them for their commitment to our country, to our freedom, and to our safety.

I volunteer with a group called Soldier Songs & Voices, a “non-profit organization that provides free instruments and songwriting lessons to veterans as a form of post-conflict care.” We meet monthly at Sam’s Burger Joint (shoutout to Sam’s for offering us the space free of charge each month). If you are interested, message me anytime.

If you are in the San Antonio area today and feel so inclined, many of those SS&V veterans who are learning to express themselves through their music will be performing at The Alamo between noon and 5 PM today in a free event honoring Veteran’s Day.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you who stand tall and proud and provide me with the opportunity to live the wonderful life I have.

Thank you.

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