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Lil’ Jon at the Spurs final preseason game

The ATL crunk master was chillin’ on the sidelines

“The last preseason game was magical.” I am quoting my eight-year-old daughter who, for the first time, stayed until the end of the game.

We ran into old friends, she took her second photo with The Coyote, and I explained to her exactly what makes Lil’ Jon so cool.

During one of the early timeouts, Coyote played a game where he presented song titles through emojis. Simple enough to grasp “Ring of Fire” and “Brown Eyed Girl,” but when the song was “Turn Down for What” Coyote marched over to the south end hoop where the GRAMMY winner was kicking it on the front row.

Coyote presented him with his own Fiesta-themed Spurs jersey.

I spent the next few minutes explaining who Lil’ Jon was to my daughter, and while I have a breadth of knowledge beyond that of an eight-year-old, I am doubtful I will be asked to give a TED Talk on crunk anytime in the near future.

Season kicks off Keldon Johnson jersey days. Are you ready?

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