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Happy birthday to Keldon Johnson

Big Body turns 22 today.

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs Photos by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Keldon Johnson may be the first player in Spurs history to win an Olympic gold medal, an NBA most improved player, a Finals MVP, and an Oscar (wait that can’t be right...)...

Okay, he’s got the gold. The future is bright. And Keldon is poised to make big strides this year in the NBA as a starter for the San Antonio Spurs. Whether they are big enough to turn the heads of league remains to be seen.

The exit of DeMar DeRozan opened a spot in the starting line-up, and the amount of shooting now open to share puts Big Body in a great spot.

On Friday Keldon led the Spurs with 23 points. Add that to his 18 in Detroit and the 10 he knotted for the preseason kick off, and it’s easy to get excited about Keldon in this moment. He’s trending up. He’s not afraid of the big shots, big moves, and big moments.

The Olympics showed him a level of pressure that few experience and now Johnson is transposing that pressure into poise.

Where the accolades that can turn a man into a myth solely on the acceptance of hype, Johnson remains grounded.

Today, Keldon turns 22. Seriously. He is young, with athleticism and vitality on his side. Being coached by one of the all-time greatest coaches, and side by side with a group of guys whose ambition and experience don’t greatly differentiate that of his own.

This is the optimal time for this squad to build something together. And Keldon is an essential piece in the Spurs franchise.

Is it me, or is this Keldon’s season?

Happy birthday, Big Body! Keep being you, and we’ll enjoying the ride.

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