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Tim Duncan’s refusal to acknowledge his trash talk infuriated Kevin Garnett

Tim Duncan recently appeared on “Real Ones” with Raja Bell and Logan Murdock.

San Antonio Spurs v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Ever wanted to listen to Tim Duncan for over an hour? Now is your chance! The usually quiet Spurs legend recently appeared The Ringer’s podcast “Real Ones”, hosted by Raja Bell and Logan Murdock.

They discussed a variety of topics, including learning to play basketball in the Virgin Islands, his relationship with Gregg Popovich, what he does and doesn’t like about the current style of basketball, the Spurs titles, Kobe Bryant, and much more. But perhaps the funniest part was when he explained why he wouldn’t respond to Kevin Garnett’s trash, which frustrated his rival to no end.

You can listen to the entire thing by clicking here or below. It’s always fun getting deeper into Big Fun than we ever did while he was player, so when you have an hour or so, give the whole podcast a listen!