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Patty Mills launches Indigenous Community Basketball League

The Spurs humanitarian makes strides back home.

France v Australia: 3rd Place Game - FIBA World Cup 2019 Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images

Patty Mills has created a not-for-profit basketball league in his homeland. The Indigenous Community Basketball League (ICBL) is aimed at children under fourteen and will operate in Thursday Island, Cairns, Brisbane, Dubbo, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin and Perth.

“To continue my efforts as a leader for my people and to follow my family’s legacy of providing legitimate opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through my sport of basketball is the true outcome of my personal success and accomplishments.” -Patty Mills

Patty Mills has made multiple return trips to Australia over the years to spread awareness and improve situations affecting birthplace. Last year, Mills and wife Alyssa altered their honeymoon plans to bring water to Walgett after the area went with no rain for more that a year. More recently, Patty donated his Orlando salary to the Black Lives Matter movement in Australia. This time, Patty is turning his efforts directly toward the health of Indigenous youth.

“As a starting point, we will begin with the age group of under-14. The early adolescence years are crucial for a child’s cognitive, emotional and social development. Our complementary programs throughout the competitions of [Indigenous Basketball Australia] will support these kids and their communities in embracing their culture and unlocking one’s full potential in an environment that is safe and free from any discrimination.”

This will be an ongoing project as the league plans to host series of events with expansion plans already in the works.

“We want to give them the best possible chance to succeed. As we grow, we will expand to more regions and more age groups.”

Just one more way to say “Good on ya, Patty.”

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