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Lonnie Walker IV invests in local business Mach1 Services

The fan favorite keeps finding ways to help make San Antonio better,

As Lonnie Walker IV continues to endear himself to the San Antonio Spurs fan base on the court, he’s doing just as much for the community off it. His latest contribution is his first big business investment in Mach1 Services: a free app create by locals Rick and Laura Narpaul that brings roadside services quickly, safely to drivers in the San Antonio and Austin areas by well-vetted providers.

“In the health, pandemic atmosphere that we’re living in, I think it’s important for people to realize that this type of service exists,” said Co-Founder and President Laura Narpaul. “People are looking for ways to save money. So we’ve had customers say they are canceling their memberships to other places just because they realize this on demand. They can get it now and it does not have any membership fees.”

Mach1 being a veteran-owned business that has services for flat tires, dead car batteries, locked keys, local police, or non-emergency services is what drew Walker to invest in them:

“I love technology, I love tech. I love how the app works. Once I met the founder, I knew it was a great fit for me and for myself and my family. I truly thank Rick, Laura, and Rahul Patel (FSM Sports Marketing Group founder) for making this happen as well.”

“San Antonio has embraced me as a member of their community, and it’s only natural that my first company is based right here in San Antonio. I think this is honestly a huge step, not just for my own, but also for San Antonio.”

Walker also expressed what being able to invest in a local company means to him personally and the city of San Antonio.

“I would say it means everything. It’s very important to invest, just as a pro-athlete, just to show how diverse we are, other than just seeing us playing basketball the whole time. Sometimes, you have to find things that you’re passionate about.”

“Being able to invest and be involved in this. I’m just truly blessed. Being able to have an app like that and fully invested and you fully trust that they’re going to come and help you out, not only in a help situation, but also in a safety situation.”

“I think this is honestly a huge step, not just for my own, but also for San Antonio. I’m truly excited with what they’re doing as a brand.”

Not every pro-athlete knows what to do with all the money when the big paychecks start coming in, but Lonnie is a very intelligent guy who appears to be spending it wisely and in ways he can help others, not just himself. How much more Spursy can he get?