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Sounds of the Spurs from Orlando

Interviews in the bubble have a different look.

2017 NBA Global Games - San Antonio Spurs v Phoenix Suns - Mexico City Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

While the NBA is holed up in Orlando, their pre- and post-game interviews are done remotely via a conferencing app.

After the Spurs pulled the “W” over the short-handed Utah Jazz, Head Coach Gregg Popovich, guard Derrick White, and center Jakob Poeltl spoke to the press. Here are some of their thoughts post-game.

Spurs Head Coach Gregg Popovich:

(On what he likes from playing different rotations . . . )

“I think they’ve come along very well, especially like Derrick [White] and DJ [Dejounte Murray] playing together. We get to see Lonnie [Walker IV] playing more minutes, figuring out how to play basketball with his teammates. You see somebody like Keldon Johnson getting time and getting out on the court. That’s all great.”

(On Lonnie Walker IV . . . )

“I don’t think it’s slowing down for him yet. He’s really understanding more every three or four games. He probably understands more about what we’re saying to him. He’s got such speed he probably feels like he can beat everybody, and that’s not a bad thing. You want him to keep his competitiveness and his confidence. It’s just learning situations and time and the score. Who’s on the court with him and where are the shooters. Like today, he relocated really well. He drove it. He kicked it. Relocating, he looked like Steph Curry running to the corner. He hit that open shot and it came right back to him and he knocked down a three. He’s starting to figure things out.”

Spurs Guard Derrick White:

(On the starting lineup all scoring in double figures and what that says about the team’s chemistry . . . )

“I mean we all like each other and we all get along. We all want the best for each other. When we’re out there, we’re just trying to get the best shots for the team. Everybody sticking to their strengths. Jakob [Poeltl] was huge for us today. DeMar [DeRozan] probably sets the tone for us all, just getting everybody involved, getting a lot of attention. From top to bottom, just playing hard, playing the right way and doing the right things.”

(On learning from Head Coach Gregg Popovich . . . )

“I’ve learned so much. The first time I got here, Pop just pulled me aside trying to get me to believe in myself. First and for most, it’s that. Hearing it from probably the greatest coach of all time, it definitely gives you a big confidence boost. Just little things on the court that I’m going to continue to learn from and try to make my game the best that it can be.”

Spurs Center Jakob Poeltl:

(On different lineups in the bubble . . . )

“It’s going well, honestly. There’s a lot of different lineups out there that we really haven’t played much, really ever. I think we’re continuing to improve every game and it’s getting better every game. We’re still trying to learn and hopefully we’ll get it together to make the playoffs soon.”

(On watching the NBA standing . . . )

“For me personally, I don’t think it changes too much. At the end of the day, we can’t control what they’re doing. We can only control what we’re doing. We’re going to take every game as it comes. We’re going to try to win every game. Obviously, some close games like the last couple hurt, but we came back tonight and hope we can win some more games. We have to show the same energy against the Pelicans next game.”

The Spurs play the New Orleans Pelicans today. A win would distance the two teams by one full game and put the Spurs a half-game closer to the 9th seed.

So get on your gear and prepare to watch the game at 2:00 CST today.

Go Spurs Go!

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