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The Spurs missing the playoffs have some old timers feeling their feelings

A stark contrast to the happy-go-lucky young fans.

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After twenty-two years of Spurs postseason adventures, people have been reacting like Johnny Utah and Angelo Pappas from Point Break. The Utahs take to Twitter to count their blessings. Johnny is every social media Tweeter with rose-colored glasses looking positively at the youth movement and smiling about the future.

On the other hand, the Angelo Pappas of the world can’t quite get over the end of the era.

Take this scene from Point Break:

Now watch again subbing the dialogue below:

Utah: The Spurs went to the playoffs for what . . . twenty-two years?

Pappas: Yeah, twenty-two years. Man, San Antonio has changed a lot during that time. Five NBA titles and the last great player to spend his entire career with one team.

Utah: So a guy with that kind of time has to have a theory on the Spurs after the Big 3 Era?

Pappas: Leave it alone, Johnny.

Utah: Okay, fine, you’ve given up. It doesn’t mean I have to.

Pappas: Hey, hey, forget about it kid, the Big 3 are ghosts.

Utah: Yeah, of course. What am I thinking? If you can’t see next season clearly with all your years of experience, it’s impossible to conceive that the young guns might have something to offer, right? Well maybe we can see more than some over the hill burnout.

Pappas: Hey, watch your mouth.

Utah: Maybe you should just stop watching basketball now, and start binge watching The Last Dance, tell stories about how you waited desperately for David Robinson’s arrival.

Pappas: Listen, you snot-nosed little [brat], I was sitting in HemisFair knee deep in warm beer watching the Spurs’ only losing seasons while you were watching cartoons in poop-filled diapers.

Utah: Are you mad?

Pappas: Yeah, I’m mad!

Utah: Good and mad?

Pappas: What’re you gonna do about it?

Utah: Feels good, doesn’t it! Like you’re still alive. Right?

Pappas: Yeah!

Utah: Well since you’re still alive, let’s start looking at how we’re gonna get back into the playoffs next season!

Pappas: Okay, hotshot, you wanna get the Spurs back into the playoffs?

Utah: Definitely.

Pappas: Definitely. Then here it is. Let’s start with ending these delusional conversations about Pop heading to Brooklyn . . .

Are you a Johnny Utah, or an Angelo Pappas?

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