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LeBron James passes Tim Duncan for all-time playoff wins

“He lived in the postseason . . . that was his address.”

Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

In head-to-head competition, Tim Duncan owns LeBron James.

Duncan and the Spurs swept King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2007 in the NBA Finals.

James came back with the Miami Heat and took 4-3 against the Spurs in the 2013 Finals.

But the Silver and Black came back and ended the Miami Heat dynasty with the 4-1 redemption NBA Finals in 2014.

So Duncan’s beat LeBron 11-5 in postseason competition.

But all-time, LeBron passed the Big Fundamental this weekend.

Duncan made the playoffs in all of nineteen seasons. By contrast, LeBron has been to the NBA Finals nine times, including eight in a row through the twenty-teens.

LeBron spoke highly of Tim, but that doesn’t take the sting completely out of the achievement.

Isn’t it bad enough the Spurs aren’t in the playoffs without Tim Duncan getting knocked down a peg? And right before the Hall of Fame . . .

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