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The Spurs have been eliminated from the playoffs for the first time this century

A 22-year playoff run concludes and we are left to ponder the past and the future concurrently.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs At Utah Jazz
Gregg Popovich continued to do what he is best at - coaching to wring out the most out of the players he loves
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

I write this both misty-eyed at the Spurs’ missed opportunity to return to the playoffs for a 23rd straight season, while trying to find as many articles around the interwebs recognizing the entirety of what San Antonio has accomplished in those seasons since Timothy Theodore Duncan graced our city and our hearts.

How far back was 1997? And how many substantial events have occurred since then? (Besides the birth of most of our roster, that is.)

The 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, had not formally encountered his impeachment trials. We have had three presidents occupy the White House since then. Y2K was not even a blip on our proverbial radars yet. In fact, dial-up internet ruled the day and high-speed was something that we took to the Texas highways to do. Titanic took the Academy Award for Best Movie. Elton John’s Candle in the Wind, an homage to the premature death of Princess Diana, took Billboard’s Hottest Single of the Year. Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls claimed their fifth title in seven seasons.

I am sure all of us are trying to process the gravity of what this 22-year run of success, innumerable championship moments, and a handful of the greatest players the NBA has seen and will ever see. In whatever way that you see fit, let’s pour one of whatever we see fit to honor our San Antonio Spurs for this feat that may never be repeated ever again in any of the four major sports: twenty-two straight playoff appearances, 13 division titles, five NBA titles, six different All-Stars, three Coach of the Year awards (if not deservedly more) earned by Pop, two Executive of the Year awards for R.C. Buford, and too many countless other accomplishments to run down in such a short time.

We look forward to sharing Draft Day preparation and other relevant NBA news before the 2021 season begins. In the meantime, let’s pause to remember this era.