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Spurs Voices featuring Sasha Crockett

The Spurs are listening. They invite you to do the same.

Sasha Crockett, Senior Premium Account Executive for Spurs Sports & Entertainment, shares her experience in this edition of Spurs Voices.

Thanks to the Spurs for posting this series, which places human faces and tells real stories regarding race relations in the United States.

As racial equality continues to be major topic of discussion in the NBA and throughout the country, we will continue to post Spurs Voices for discussion while the Black Lives Matter movement continues to shine a light on the realities of the United States and its dreadful racial history.

Welcome to the Thread. Join in the conversation, start your own discussion, and share your thoughts. This is the Spurs community, your Spurs community. Thanks for being here.

Our community guidelines apply which should remind everyone to be cool, avoid personal attacks, not to troll and to watch the language.