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Spurs Voices with R.C. Buford

“We are listening. We invite you to do the same.”

Memphis Grizzlies v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

“These are stories of how racism impacts our organization. This is the first step towards our commitment to help create impactful change starting with our community, while also acknowledging that this issue is systemic.”

R.C. Buford is best known as the general manager of the Spurs. One year ago this week (on Byrn’s birthday to be exact), Buford became CEO of the San Antonio Spurs.

He has also been recognized as the NBA Executive of the Year in 2014 and 2016. But his history in San Antonio goes back to the 1988 season when he served as an assistant coach to Larry Brown through 1992 when he and Brown ended up in Los Angeles.

(I recently watched a “classic” game from 1991 where Larry Brown is flanked on either side by R.C. and Pop.)

In 1994, Gregg Popovich, then Spurs general manager, brought in Buford as the Spurs’ head scout. R.C has been with San Antonio ever since. In 1997 Buford became the Spurs director of scouting, and then became vice president/assistant general manager two years later. He was named general manager in 2002 after five seasons as team president.

Buford’s community service in San Antonio in unparalleled. He gives back in so many ways and brings people along with him to shine a light on the locations that need attention.

Thanks to the Spurs for posting this series, which places human faces and tells real stories regarding race relations in the United States.

As racial equality continues to be major topic of discussion in the NBA and throughout the country, we will continue to post Spurs Voices for discussion while the Black Lives Matter movement continues to shine a light on the realities of the United States and its dreadful racial history.

Welcome to the Thread. Join in the conversation, start your own discussion, and share your thoughts. This is the Spurs community, your Spurs community. Thanks for being here.

Our community guidelines apply which should remind everyone to be cool, avoid personal attacks, not to troll and to watch the language.