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Watch the finale of the 2007 NBA Finals Spurs vs. Cavaliers

The Spurs swept LeBron James’ Cavaliers on the way to their fourth title.

San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Parade Photo by Chris Birck/NBAE via Getty Images

Did you watch games 1 and 2 the other night? I did not remember that LeBron had zero field goals in the first half and ended four of sixteen for the night.

Well, I look forward to the exciting conclusion that ends with San Antonio hoisting the Larry O’Brien for the fourth time (the second on another team’s court).

Some takeaways:

  • This is considered by many to be the worst NBA Finals in history.
  • 2007 is the first NBA Finals to feature the Spurs where Tim Duncan did not garner an NBA Finals MVP. I’m watching to see what made this a breakout for Tony.
  • It’s hard watching LeBron James struggle in game 1 knowing who he became in the years to come.
  • This Cavaliers team looks ragtag, kinda like the Knicks. But instead of Patrick Ewing sitting out, it’s LeBron and the mutants at table nine.
  • Donyell Marshall is Kawhi Leonard had Kawhi Leonard never played for the Spurs.

Enjoy tonight’s finale. Let’s reconvene over coffee tomorrow to discuss.

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