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Watch: Spurs fan comes out of surgery crying for Manu Ginobili

Anesthesia can make us do funny things.

Probably all of us have either been there or seen that. You or someone you know comes out of surgery (usually oral) still under some slight anesthesia, and although awake but not mentally all there, funny words or distorted thoughts tend to come out.

That’s exactly what happened to Spurs fan Emily Dawn Guerra after some oral surgery, when on the way home she began crying out for Manu Ginobili.

Some of her more interpret-able lines include:

“He was the best sixth man ever!. But I miss him! I don’t know him but I miss him.”

“I need his autograph. I want to shake his hand and tell him thank you. I love him.”

But perhaps her best line of all:

“Why did he have to go bald and retire?!”

Manu himself even took notice, thanking Emily for thinking of him.

I phoned my mom to ask if she had any interesting stories from back when I had my wisdom teeth pulled in high school. Apparently I was pretty boring, although that seems about right for me. If anyone else has any funny stories they dare to share, free to do so in the comments below!