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The NBA releases more information on the return of the season

We’re learning more about how the restart of the NBA season is going to work.

Despite ongoing talks amid concerns from players about the NBA’s planned restart on July 31 in Orlando, the league is beginning to release more information, including schedules and information about where players will be housed, how they will travel, and more. Shams Charania of The Athletic has been releasing information as it comes.

First and foremost, the NBA is giving players the option not to play when the season returns if they are uncomfortable with the situation, provided they inform their teams by June 24 and are ready give compensation in the form of 1/92.6 of their pay per game missed.

The NBA has also released travel plans for teams, including the number and types of personnel teams can bring along, where they will be staying, and hotel protocols. Teams will be housed based on seeding since they will be playing those teams in warm-up scrimmages, and for the Spurs, that means The Yacht Club along with the Trail Blazers, Kings, Pelicans, Suns and Wizards.

Finally, the NBA has released visuals of court and workout arrangements, plus game day schedules.

The return of the NBA season is less than 45 days away, which feels weird to say in June when typically the Finals are just coming to an end (if they haven’t already), but here we are. The Spurs may be without LaMarcus Aldridge and facing a likely end to their historic playoff streak, but at this point, any sports would be good for the soul. If nothing else, I’m ready to see Lonnie Walker IV play a little more, and December is way too far away to wait that long.