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Tony Parker reveals his in-laws had COVID-19

Fortunately everyone has recovered.

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In a Q&A session with Marc Spears of the The Undefeated and co-host Kenyon Martin, former Spurs great Tony Parker revealed some of his extended family in France have recovered from Coronavirus, specifically, the father and sister of his wife, Axelle Francine.

“I’ve been in San Antonio this whole time. I got really close to my family, really close, because my father-in-law caught it in Paris. My sister-in-law caught it, too. We were worried the first two or three weeks to make sure they would be OK. Now, they are OK. They did some testing and now they’re negative. It puts a lot of stress on my family. You never know with a new virus like this. Everybody reacts differently. That is why I am very thankful that nothing happened to my sister-in-law and father-in-law.”

Parker is not the first former Spur to reveal COVID-19 had stuck his family. George Hill also revealed his wife’s grandmother had contracted the disease but fortunately recovered as well.

As the president and majority owner of the French Pro A men’s and women’s basketball club ASVEL Lyon-Villeurbanne, Parker also revealed he was the first to send his teams home when the outbreak struck after conversations with the French Government.

“We were the first French team that let our players go home. It was bigger than sports. Health is bigger than everything. … It was an easy decision to let everyone go home because it was important that they were with their families.

“I knew really quickly that we were going to be confined a long time. … When I talked to (French) government people, I knew it was going to be four or five months or a year before we got back to normal.”

There were other topics discussed in the Q&A as well, including Parker’s admiration of and relationship with Michael Jordan, the passing of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan’s Hall of Fame nomination, and much more, so be sure to go check it out.