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Watch the 2003 NBA Finals- Spurs vs. Nets games 5 and 6

Don’t want to spoil it for you, but the Spurs won this series.

Peter Holt receives trophy from commissioner David Stern

There’s something comforting about being stuck in your house with the only available Spurs broadcasts being games they won that led to NBA championships. Honestly, I could go for a complete set of playoff games for each of the five titles. Knowing they hoist the Larry O’Brien makes the losses tolerable.

It’s great seeing the players from that era, the relationships created on the court that we now know so much more about. Like a family reunion, without the resentment over Tia Queta’s tamale recipe.

In watching games one and three, I noticed Stephen Jackson and Richard Jefferson battling it out. Forward a few years to when Cap’n Jack would be return to the Spurs to replace “the” Jefferson.

These are David Robinson’s last four professional basketball wins. That means a lot for those of us who watched him get drafted, waited two years for him to suit up, supported him year after year as he raised his own bar, sat through an injury-riddled season that seemed to have no end, visually experienced him passing the torch with dignity and grace, and finally earn himself an Championship ring in 1999. For the city, sending him into retirement with a celebration in 2003 was the best fit for such a class act.

And once again, knowing what we know seventeen years later, it’s even more rewarding. The Admiral is an institution in Military City, U. S. A. and he continues to give back and create opportunity for this community.

Tonight is the exciting conclusion of the 2003 NBA Finals as the Spurs battle it out with the New Jersey Nets.

You can watch both games five and six starting at 6:00 p.m. CST on Fox Sports Southwest. If you don’t have the channel or the app, I highly recommend getting it. There are two games every three days until all five championships have been relived.

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