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The Spurs’ Season in Song: “Oh San Antonio”

One way to understand and process tough times is through music

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Phoenix Suns Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs fans, it’s okay if you’re in your feelings about this year’s team. In fact, if you’re not a little unhappy, disappointed, or even a little angry, I’d wonder if you’ve really been paying attention. Some of us may even be experiencing an identity crisis. Of course, we can’t let these feelings go overboard or turn overly negative. We have to balance our perspective and channel these passions constructively. If we’ve learned anything during the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s that there are many more important things in the world, and in each of our lives, than the results of NBA basketball games.

That said, it’s only natural and appropriate to be disappointed by the free agent signings that went nowhere, angry about players breaking contract promises, and sad about the likely end of a playoff streak (if there are any playoffs). We’re humans, we emote. The thrill of victory can only occur if you’re willing to risk the agony of defeat.

One of the ways that we process these feelings is by reading and writing about them. That’s why we’re all here: to vent, to analyze, to explore ideas, and ultimately, to know that we’re not alone in feeling these crazy emotions about a basketball team made up of some guys that most of us will never stand within 6 feet of.

Another way we process emotions is through music and song. I grew up listening to Oldies, and so naturally I’m a fan of the Beach Boys’ music. Pet Sounds is not only one of the greatest albums of all time, few pieces of art have better explored the themes of love, heartache, and the pain of growing up. The lead single off the album is “Caroline No”, one of the saddest songs of all time. Of course, in this Spurs fans’ addled brain, it’s the song I think of when I think of this season.

The lyrics of “Caroline No” explore the realization that things between the singer and his one-time love can never be the same - that a beautiful innocence has been lost. The singer’s heartache isn’t simply because the relationship is over, it’s deeper than that. There’s something about the world that isn’t right anymore, and never will be again. If that sounds overly dramatic, than just listen to Pet Sounds all the way through... or any teenager after their crush goes out with someone else...or a few Spurs’ fans I know.

Take a listen to the song:

I had to try to have a bit of fun with this, take the emotions and do something constructive with them, so I rewrote the lyrics to encapsulate this Spurs season from the perspective of the season being completely over. (Hopefully it’s not.) Take a look below. I hope this parody can be as therapeutic for you in reading as it was for me in writing. Enjoy!

Oh San Antonio

Where did our defense go?
Where is the team I used to know?
Oh, San Antonio

The Big Three have gone away
I thought our season would never end before May
but that’s not true

Oh San Antone you...

...broke the streak
We have to say goodbye
It’s clear the young guys need more time

Oh San Antone why?

Will we ever find our way again?
And cheer for Murray, White, Walker and Bryn
Keep Pounding the Rock until it’s done

Go San Antonio!