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Why Tim Duncan had the greatest career of all time

You don’t have to be the GOAT to have the best career.

Tim Duncan has often been a hot topic for debate on social media or with fans of other teams, and usually it’s of those other fans’ making. Very few fans — even Spurs ones — would argue that Tim Duncan is the greatest player of all time, but many times fans of opposing teams mistake that argument with a more common one. In Duncan’s case, it’s that he had the greatest career of all time, which once explained few would argue with.

For that reason, YouTube creator Dom2k created a video stating the case of why Duncan had the greatest career of all time (which, again, is not the argument that he’s greatest player of all time). Those reasons include the lack of drama, staying with one team, consistent excellence despite being in a strong conference, and knowing when to quit before lasting memories of him included an injured or broken down player trying to stay relevant. It’s a fun video, so be sure to check it out!