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What you don’t know about one-time Spurs power forward Terry Cummings

A new article goes in depth on the good reverend.

Terry Cummings Action Portrait Photo by Andy Hayt/NBAE via Getty Images

Terry Cummings recently celebrated his fifty-ninth birthday. Most Spurs fans know he played with the Spurs from 1989-1995. But did you know:

  • Cummings in an ordained Pentecostal minister and has been since before he ever joined the NBA. He performed the wedding service for Sean Elliott and his current wife, Claudia;
  • Terry was the rookie of the year in 1983 and won all but one Rookie of the Month awards during that season;
  • He blew out his knee during a pick up game that altered the trajectory of his NBA career.

There are tons of interesting facts in this article, The Power Forward Preacher Man, written by Curtis M. Harris that came out over the weekend. Cummings is one of the more interesting stories considering the company that entered the 1982 NBA Draft alongside him.

I highly recommend it and hope you’ll share what you consider to be the most interesting facts in the comments below.

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