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Perhaps it is time to start a Spurs book study

My summer plans start early this season, would anyone like to join me?

Jeph Duarte

Well, Pounders, our season is looking all but lost. Even if play resumes, there is no guarantee all games will be played or that the playoffs would have been an option this season.

Every summer, I pick up a Spurs book or set of magazines, something to keep my interest in my favorite team going. I have amassed a nice collection thus far.

So I am going to launch into something pretty soon and wanted to know, would anyone like to join me?

The History of the San Antonio Spurs by Jan Hubbard

There are championship compilations from Sports Illustrated, the San Antonio Express-News, as well as the NBA.

San Antonio Express News compilations covering the various years the Spurs won titles.

I have many titles. I’m sure some of you do too. Many are independent writers who have distinctive insight to the team we love.

Independently released periodicals and books about the San Antonio Spurs

Perhaps a few of us can discuss chapters, sections, or magazine articles. I’m open to ordering other books if someone has a great suggestion.

Many pieces, I assume, could be found on-line. Others I have acquired on eBay or Amazon, which means delivery is possible. There are a few I actually picked up in bookstores or used bookstores, but still many of those are available for delivery as well.

Jump in on the comments to discuss titles and brainstorm ideas.


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