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Rudy Gay discusses life in quarantine on Danny Green’s podcast

Rudy appeared on the most recent episode of Inside the Green Room.

Associated Press

Like almost everyone these days, NBA players are stuck at home in quarantine while the country attempts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Add to the fact that practice facilities have been shut down and major cities are beginning to pass “stay at home” ordinances, and they are just as bored as the rest of us.

In his most recent episode of Inside the Green Room, former Spur Danny Green invited some players to join him (remotely, of course) in discussing how they are passing the time. This included current Spur Rudy Gay, along with JaVale McGee, Serge Ibaka, and Harrison Barnes. It’s an entertaining episode that will kill a solid hour and forty minutes of time, so feel free to watch below or click on the link above.

What are you doing to pass the time? I’m working from home, plus watching plenty of TV, Netflix, playing video games, and enjoying the company of my dogs.