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Tim Duncan is helping displaced Virgin Islands students get home

Tim Duncan is helping students in or from the Islands reuinte during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Spurs assistant coach Tim Duncan is teaming up with Silver Airways to help displaced students in and from the US Virgin Islands get home during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Tim Duncan Foundation is helping pay for one-way tickets to get students reunited with their families provided they are certain they have not contracted COVID-19, are currently enrolled in a university, and are either from or enrolled in the Virgin Islands.

According to The Virign Islands Consortium:

Travel dates are based on availability and the discretion of Seaborne/Silver and its airline partners. Interested persons should be prepared to travel at any time the next business day. However allow 24-48 hours for reservations to be made. Offer valid only for Virgin Islanders and university students in the Virgin Islands.

Flights will be booked on Jet Blue, Delta and American Airlines. Flights will be booked based on availability and students will not be able to choose the carrier of choice.

If you or anyone you know falls under the category of students Duncan is trying to help, applications can be emailed to with the following information:

  • Students Full Name on travel Identification (passport/driver’s license)
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact MOBILE phone number and Email address.
  • Departure City & Arrival City with Travel Date
  • Emergency Contact Person Name and Contact Information (phone number and email address of this person)
  • First Semester Transcript