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Kevin Durant one of four Brooklyn Nets who tested positive for COVID-19

Private agencies will test your players for a fee.

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers

I am sure most of you Have been glued to the internet and social media checking in with friends around the globe. I know I have.

A friend of mine in Brooklyn, New York posted that he has tested positive for coronavirus after having a fever and testing negative for two versions of the flu. He has determined that he contracted his virus from an usher at a Broadway show,

New York is a hotbed for COVID-19 as people are packed into subways and don’t have the kind of room for the desired social distancing. The inability to truly quarantine has made victims of many throughout the island.

The Brooklyn Nets have four players who tested positive for the coronoavirus. Kevin Durant is the only player identified thus far, and according to reports, only one player is exhibiting symptoms.

Sources told Wojnarowski that the Nets had players tested by a private company, and that the team paid out of pocket, after they had returned from San Francisco last week. The test results came back Tuesday.- ESPN

Apparently while most Americans are unable to get tests, money continues to divide the social caste system into those who have and those who have not. In a time a of a pandemic, private companies are hoarding tests for the highest bidder.

Lucky for the players, they are considered worthy of health care.

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