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Watch: The Spurs top 50 plays from the last decade

YouTuber Moflaffle’s Top 50 Spurs Plays of the Last Decade

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs
It’s best to carry on the legacy of the Big 3 in whatever way we can
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With no sports to watch, YouTube is one of the better reprieves. In that spirit, I came across this 20+ minute trip down Spurs memory lane yesterday and found myself enthralled again with the last decade of great San Antonio basketball:

If you find yourself too busy shopping to pack your pantry (and then some) or are trying to schedule your daytime activities for children that are now at home from school, here’s an annotated list of the more memorable and high-stakes moments from the top 50 list with a time stamp:

#48. Quite possibly the fanciest of Tony Parker’s career assists to help the team nearly pull off the late comeback against the Thunder in Game 2 of the 2016 second round. (0:50)

#44. One of Manu Ginobili’s last game-winners in a lengthy career of clutch plays against Boston. (2:05)

#37. I was surprised at how many game-winners Tim Duncan generated over the length of his career. Duncan’s sweeping hook against the then-New Orleans Hornets looked majestic nonetheless. (4:15)

#34. Patty Mills’ buzzer-beater against the Suns in Mexico City was one of the more recent entries into the anthology. (5:18)

#30. Ginobili’s emphatic block of a breakaway Kevin Durant dunk attempt should have been ranked higher. (6:34)

#24. This Duncan dunk vs. the Nuggets after his ball fake that went directly into the Chris Anderson’s beak has aged very well. (8:23)

#23. The first of several James Harden-themed “couldn’t win the game because of Spurs defense” was headlined by Duncan. (8:48)

#13. This Derrick White dunk on Paul Millsap in Game 1 of the 2019 series signaled his entry as a keeper in the Spurs rotation. (12:51)

#11. Parker’s opening night game-winning shot was a nice way to exact ‘revenge’ on OKC after the previous year’s stunning conference finals loss. (13:39)

#7. This is the second of the times Harden failed to tie or win the game due to stalwart defense — this time by Kawhi Leonard, and after he had just hit the game-winner. (15:15)

#3. Arguably Leonard and Duncan’s best collaboration, as Kawhi swiped the ball cleanly from Westbrook flying in for a layup, while Timmy converted the clinching shot at the other end. (17:56)

#2. The third and most exhilarating of the futile Harden attempts - this time Ginobili made the game-saving block that launched many memes and t-shirts. (18:46)

Noticeably absent from the list are spectacular plays and shots made by DeMar DeRozan during his two-year stint with the team so far. However, prior mainstays in the Spurs’ rotation, such as Kyle Anderson (#35), Tiago Splitter (#46), Gary Neal (#10), and Cory Joseph (#39) made scattered appearances throughout the list.

Watch and cherish this to your heart’s content! My wife and I have been re-watching - rather my wife has had to endure - my countless re-watchings of past Spurs’ playoff runs in the last week. How are other Pounders spending the newfound time away from live NBA basketball?