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Rumor: The NBA has until August 1 to resume the NBA season

A shortened end to the regular season are possible as well.

Five Reasons Sports Network, a hub for all Miami sports, is reporting that the NBA is looking at August 1 as the deadline to resume the NBA season, with the possibility of each team playing 1-4 more regular season games to satisfy TV deals before a possibly shortened playoffs and later star to next season.

Of course, this is just rumor that has not been confirmed or denied my the NBA, but Aug. 1 is a pretty long way from now, and there’s no other word on how the draft or other summertime activities for the NBA would be handled.

Regardless, one thing we know for sure is there will be no basketball until at least April 12, 30 days after the original announcement. Until then, the NBA to continue monitoring the situation while making the best decisions for everyone involved.