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Spurs Give and Frost Bank renovate a local playground

The Roy Maas Youth Alternatives is the latest recipient of goodwill from the never-ending support of the Spurs Organization.

In what has been an ongoing flood of community support from Spurs Give over the last few weeks, there seems to be no end in sight.

Last year, Spurs Give and Frost Bank donated $117,000 to the Roy Maas Youth Alternatives to repair their basketball court, renovate the walking path around the playground, and install new fitness equipment to encourage and promote safe and healthy play time.

On Wednesday, RMYA Board members and staff as well as The Coyote and members of Spurs Give unveiled the new playground with completed updates.

Having witnessed this space first hand and seeing the impact it makes on those who need it most, I can appreciate what has been done to help make these youngsters any bit more comfortable.

Working directly with young people who have been hit hard emotionally tends to affect your worldview. Spurs Give act on a community level, but the impact they make serves as a humanitarian need for mental health and wellness, care and comfort, and the betterment of those in need.

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