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The Spurs starters showed off some different skills in a close loss to the Pelicans

Apparently the Spurs can’t go 72-0 or average 125 points per game all season. 

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at New Orleans Pelicans Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

After a fiery start to the new season, the Spurs looked tired in their first SEGABABA, and it showed as offense stalled in a close loss to the Pelicans that still provided fans with several highlights. The young guys carried most of the scoring load while DeMar DeRozan shared the ball to the tune of 10 assists.

There’s two Ds in DeMar DeRozan and also plenty of D on this denial by number 10:

Bad things happen when you forget to box out, unless you’re Keldon Johnson in which case his springiness paid off:

Dejounte Murray had a couple of kisses off the glass this game, and this particular one showed off the sweet reward of patiently probing the defense:

In Texas, they call tacos “burritos” north of I-20, and they call tacos “tacos” south of I-20. I bring this up because did Rudy Gay run a go route, a fly route, or a vertical route, and why would anyone call a burrito a taco? (I grew up in Lubbock, TX so I only realized this once I moved to San Antonio.)

Lonnie Walker IV made IV threes tonight to improve his season percentage to 47% from downtown. Walker’s consistent offense to start the season will certainly be a boon for the Spurs:

Despite almost stealing the game on the back of a 21-3 fourth quarter run, the good guys fell short against the Pelicans but look to close out 2020 with a win against the defending champion Lakers on Wednesday.