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Watch: Keldon Johnson and the Coyote get into the Christmas Spirit

Not exactly the KJ highlights we wish we had right now, but he still manages to showoff his potential.

Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Logan Riely/NBAE via Getty Images

When you join the Spurs organization, there’s really only one goal in mind. Obviously, you’d like to fulfill your childhood dream of logging significant minutes at the highest level your sport has to offer and, sure, maybe you’d like to win some big games and get one of those big rings they hand out at the end of the year. But how do you know if you’ve actually made an impact on this team and this city and this fanbase? The answer is obvious.

You need to make it into the HEB commercials. Simple as that.

Keldon Johnson made significant inroads at the end of last season by completely showing out in the Bubble and establishing himself as a key cog in the Spurs revamped style. He was strong, athletic, and could knock down big shots when called upon. He seems like exactly the kind of guy the Spurs want filling out their roster at the moment. Unfortunately for those of us eager to see him out on the floor, it looks like KJ is is still a few weeks away from returning to the team after injuring his foot.

All is not lost though. The Spurs recently released a video with Johnson and the Coyote, teaming up with Academy Sports + Outdoors (the right stuff, the right price....Academy!) to provide a fun holiday surprise for a San Antonio family.

Keldon is just oozing with potential in this clip. He’s plays well off his silent, chaotic neutral partner in the Coyote and he shows a wonderful ability to improvise and think on his feet out there. This video clearly isn’t going to go viral or set the Internet on fire, but its a great showcase for Spurs fans to get to know a guy who really just burst onto the scene a short while ago.

Without a doubt, Johnson is going to be up in the big leagues hawking H-E-B Select Ingredients Non-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt or H-E-B Boneless Spiral Sliced Ham in no time. We’ve all been wondering whether or not the fan favorite commercials would be able to keep the magic alive with the next generation of Spurs players and I think it’s safe to say the future is pretty bright.