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The Spurs trading DeMar DeRozan to the Lakers could be beneficial for both teams

With no solid basketball news, pundits are speculating, presupposing, and even doing a little wishful thinking.

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Let’s be clear, this is not advocating for sending DeMar DeRozan to Los Angeles. That said, with so many trade rumors in the grinder, even the strange ones are starting to make a little sense. Would anyone have envisioned a trade that sends LaMarcus Aldridge to Golden State? Yet, here we are.

Gran Afseth posted a trade scenario sending DeRozan to the Lakers, which at first glance made me cringe, but after reading the rationale, I thought twice.

In a nutshell, the Spurs would send DeRozan to Los Angeles in exchange for Kyle Kuzma and Danny Green and a 2022 first-round draft pick. The Lakers take on DeRozan’s $27.7M and the Spurs pick up $18.9M between Kuzma and Green. Green’s contract expires at the end of next season, opening up cap space for the Spurs.

The idea of having the twenty-five-year-old Kuzma join the current young Spurs line-up is intriguing. One concern is that the 2017 first-round draft pick becomes a restricted free agent at the end of next season and may want more than the Spurs can offer. That said, a starting line-up of Dejounte Murray, Derrick White, Rudy Gay, Kyle Kuzma, and Trey Lyles makes for possible the most fluid and position-less Spurs team to date.

From the Lakers’ perspective, they get another solid piece in what is already a solid team ready to defend their 2020 title. Bringing DeMar home also adds a nice touch. LeBron is LeBron, but he is getting older. Anthony Davis is young but cannot lead a team and serve as the primary force on the court. DeRozan brings leadership, ball-handling, and yet another offensive player that must be covered, exposing The Brow to more opportunities to dominate in the paint.

The Spurs are not a team to shake things up in the offseason, but DeMar has some leverage if he wants out of San Antonio. PATFO has shown the ability to work with players on trades in the past. A DeRozan exit heading west makes for a more probable destination. Hometown hero jumping onto a championship team.

Could it be the right move for the Spurs?

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