Trade Derrick White for Kyle Kuzma?

A couple of NBA rumor sites suggested that the Spurs trade Derrick White AND a 2nd round draft pick for the Lakers' Kyle Kuzma. I just think that too many of these sports media outlets just have a delusional fantasy that everything and deal should revolve around the Lakers. Having Lebron there makes it worse. At times last year, White was our best and most consistent player. He obviously has a higher basketball IQ than Kuzma, who has seemed to regress since Lebron's arrival. Though his greatness in unparalleled, teams have to play "different" when they have Lebron; it truly does stifle the games of some players; (just ask Kevin Love).

The audacity to me is not that other teams are interested in White. It is that a Lakers player like Kuzma would be overvalued to the point where WE would send White plus a draft pick to get him. If anything, it should be the other way around. You offer the Spurs Kuzma plus a mid to late 1st rounder in a deep draft, then maybe we could at least have a conversation, but among our young players, I would view White as untouchable as any due to the many intangible things that he brings to the table with his solid 2-way play.

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