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Thankful for Spurs’ Jakob Poeltl

Knowing the Austrian big man is staying in San Antonio offers comfort in the time of uncertainty

San Antonio Spurs v Sacramento Kings Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Of all free agents this offseason, Jacob Poeltl elicits perhaps the widest range of responses. Many liked what he brought but had concerns about his ceiling. Some believed he could play a bigger role as a starter while others think he might be strongest coming off the bench in spurts. Still others believed his return to the Spurs had a cap that once surpassed should exclude him from returning.

Poeltl has made it clear he wants to be a starter, but has not given the Spurs any sort of ultimatum to force his hand. He has signed a decent contract which will allow all parties to smile. He didn’t ask too much, he didn’t hold out for more money or try and create a bidding scenario, and he will have enough time to show exactly where his basketball IQ is taking him.

Of all the Spurs offseason acquisitions, I am most grateful that Jakob Poeltl is returning.

Happy Thanksgiving, Pounders. I am grateful I am invited to participate and that so many of you invite me into your daily reading.

I wish you all a Happy (and safe) Thanksgiving. I hope you are with loved ones. If you could not travel and are unable to be with your friends and family today, hit me up. I’ll drop you a piece of pie and we can talk about the upcoming season.

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