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The Spurs will unveil new Fiesta-themed court during virtual draft party

San Antonio pairing their fresh fiesta-themed threads with a throwback-inspired court

The Spurs released their highly-anticipated fiesta-inspired jerseys last Friday, and now after much speculation from jubilant fans, the organization has announced plans to unveil an accompanying home-court design during their virtual draft party on Wednesday night.

San Antonio ushered in a new era of Spurs basketball with the arrival of David Robinson and a fiesta-themed logo during the 1989-1990 season, and it’s only right they reinstate the beloved color scheme as they attempt to recapture the excellence that began all those years ago.

The Silver and Black have long-been labeled dull. However, with vibrant threads and matching hardwood to boot, it will be impossible to ignore the Spurs when they dawn their city edition fits, especially if their young core puts on an equally colorful performance.