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The Spurs release new Fiesta-themed City Edition uniforms

It took years of pleading from the fans, but Fiesta-themed uniforms are finally here!

We’ve been teased for weeks now. Rumors had been swirling and potential leaks made, but nothing official. Then, Spurs Twitter released several teases in the last 24 hours, including changing their cover photo from the tradition Spurs logo to featuring Fiesta stripes to all but confirm good things were coming.

Now, it’s finally official. Something most Spurs fans have been waiting quite some time for, and even some players have been subtly advocating for: Fiesta-themed Spurs jerseys! And not just something you can get at the NBA Fan Shop; we’re talking about the Spurs’ official City Edition Jerseys that they will actually be wearing on the court next season for select games.

The uniforms are classic Spurs black with the fiesta colors diagonally striped underneath a scripted “San Antonio”, and the stripes also run down the side of the shorts, similar to the Spurs warmups of the late 80’s,

As described on the Spurs webpage (seen by scrolling down through the pages):

The cross street of classic and contemporary. Where big-and-bright meets vintage vibes. Three colors. Endless respect. All topped with the town they rep. This is Fiesta.

Inspired by our warm-up wear from way back, this uni forgoes the usual silver and black facades in favor of some long-awaited local flavor.

Crafted from our old school “San Antonio” script, this vintage wordmark puts our hometown heritage front and center for the first time since ‘89.

Our iconic Fiesta colors make their uniform debut three decades later and just the way we play: straightforward, side-by-side, and always aiming up.

Nothing says “Spurs Basketball” like classic black. Not only is it in line with the original design, this base coat embraces both our timeless identity and all the colors at our core.

When you finish scrolling you can reach a gallery of both the new uniforms, modeled by the Spurs young core, and some flash back images to the early days of the Admiral that the uniforms are modeled from.

Previous City Editions were always camo uniforms, and while a nice nod to San Antonio’s moniker as Military City, USA, it became repetitive. While other teams were receiving new and sometimes enviously cool new looks on an annual basis, the boring Spurs kept getting the same ol’ alternates every year. In fact, in the 2018-19 season, they had two different camo jerseys: Black “City” Edition and White “Earned” Edition (worn by all the teams who had made the playoffs the season prior). Even in a season when the Spurs had five different uniforms, none were Fiesta-themed.

Not anymore. Welcome back, Fiesta Spurs!