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Voting Spurs style

The AT&T Center is the place to be.

My wife and I went out to vote this week. And thanks to the San Antonio Spurs, we were able to do so safely and quickly. Sure, the drive made the entire trip on par with the amount of time some may have spent in line, but we were in the safety of our own vehicle for all but fifteen minutes, and we were in the air condition while we traveled. In this voter’s opinion, much better than standing in line. And if you are from San Antonio, you know it was still hot this week.

Andrea Duarte

Like so many other NBA venues, team arenas are doubling as mega voting sites. San Antonio is offering its people a safe space.

There is a parking attendant directing traffic, ushers pointing voters in the direction of two lines that run up to the doors. There are six foot markings as you get toward the front doors of the AT&T Center. Many, many people help you get hand sanitizer, offer gloves, point you toward a pencil which can be used a stylus for the Express voting machines. Protective shields are in place as voters get signed in and then directed to a voting machine.

It couldn’t be simpler, and in the time of a pandemic, it couldn’t feel better to vote and vote healthily.

[On a personal note, I have taken a class and will be serving as an Alternate Election Judge on November 3rd. I have learned a lot in a short time. If you have questions, there are answers. Bexar County has a solid system for monitoring and regulating everyone’s right to vote. I look forward to serving those of you who head to the polls on Election Day.]

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