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The Spurs beat the Celtics with another full team effort

The Spurs have now knocked off two of the top five teams in the league and finding itself in the process

San Antonio Spurs Vs. Boston Celtics at TD Garden Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

I hope all of us are walking around more hopeful about the team, given that the San Antonio Spurs have defeated two of the top three Eastern Conference teams this week. The great thing about yesterday’s win was that it came without the necessity of a season-high 3-point shooting effort or a high-scoring detonation from one player. It truly was a team win in a hostile environment. If you don’t believe me, let’s ask Lonnie Walker IV!

Offerings at the Altar of the Beautiful Game

This four-point play in transition essentially iced the game away for San Antonio:

The team more recently has resembled a high-functioning unit, which allows these plays to manifest themselves:

DeMar DeRozan — Our efficient swingman occupies some very select company of players that take 15+ shots and make more than 50% of them:

With his teammate, LaMarcus Aldridge, transforming into the “stretch-5” we’ve dreamed of, this leaves DeRozan more space to work with in and around the paint:

As a result, DeRozan seems to be getting the benefit of more foul calls:

Though he’s been compared favorably to Kobe Bryant over the years, did you know this hyper-efficient DeMar keeps higher company nowadays?

Lonnie Walker IV In looking over how he started the fourth quarter so dominantly, I tried to find a player comparison for Lonnie, and what I came up with was a much more explosive Byron Scott:

Jakob Poeltl — Not only do we have one of the top five rim protectors in the league, but we have a mobile big that can pass much better now. Though this highlight shows Mills connecting from the left baseline, it was Poeltl’s ability to sense the defense closing in on him and rocketing a pass out of coverage that made this play happen:

Jakob later found Derrick White on a pretty give-and-go that would have made Boris Diaw proud:

Bryn Forbes Here’s to hoping it’s not lost on our maligned guard that what garnered him the NBA TV Play of the Day involved defensive effort and looking for his teammates in light of his ongoing shooting struggles:

On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to do the thing that has won you a starting spot either:

Derrick White — White is also benefiting from this overall increase in floor space to look for his smooth jumpshot:

Dejounte Murray — When Dejounte is on the drive, his improved passing in the lane will open up more opportunities for cutters:

When Pounders were clamoring for the young guards to play together more often, this is probably what we all imagined would happen:

Patty Mills — The elder statesman on the team has carried the bench with his shooting, but also inspiring them with his defense, as well:

Pop quipped pre-game on the Spurs’ status as eight seed: “I don’t think about what’s surprising or not. I just go to work.” Here’s to hoping that the Spurs can keep on grinding in Memphis Friday and extend this win streak to three!