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Dejounte Murray leaves Trae Young on his backside with a nifty fake

It has been quite a battle between DJ and Trae.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at San Antonio Spurs Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs got out to a slow start against the Hawks, but it wasn’t without its moments. Early in the first quarter, Dejounte Murray shook Trae Young off his feet with one little fake to the right before going left, leaving the young Atlanta star (pun intended?) flat on his back as Murray went in for the uncontested layup. Perhaps the best part is Lonnie Walker IV and Keldon Johnson’s celebration dance.

Murray and Young have been going at it all night, picking each other off, Young throwing up long threes, Murray twisting around him for open looks, etc. Murray even managed to force a technical out of Young after he felt he was fouled on a three-point attempt (replays didn’t confirm any contact). There seems to be a little rivalry brewing here. It could definitely be a match-up to look forward to in the future.