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Zach Lowe: “People are sleeping on the Spurs as a potential 50-win team”

At least SOMEONE believes in the Spurs.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It can be hard to find common sense takes about the Spurs outside of San Antonio sometimes. Whether it’s the odds-makers, computer formulas or man-made predictions, there seems to be little middle ground with the Spurs: they’re either title contenders or an upper-30’s/low-40’s win team that will most likely miss the playoffs. Simply being a solid playoff team doesn’t seem to be a possibility in the eyes of many.

However, if there’s one media personality whom you can usually count on for logical takes, it’s ESPN’s Zach Lowe. In his latest podcast with Bill Simmons, a multitude of topics was discussed, including Team USA in the first half and general NBA stuff in the second. Mixed into a quick conversation about how a good team will miss the playoffs in the West was a single quote about the Spurs, but probably the most logical one we’ve heard yet:

That was it, and the conversation continued on from there without another mention, but it’s good to hear someone has actually looked at what the Spurs have done this summer — namely gotten healthy and shored up weaknesses from last year’s roster that oh BTW won 48 games and nearly took down the second seed — when considering predictions instead of ignoring common sense, relying on faulty computer formulas, or just hoping that by predicting each summer that “this is the end of the Spurs,” it will eventually happen.

You can check out the full podcast by clicking here or below, and the quote about the Spurs comes at about the 1:12:20 mark.