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Spurs Media Day round up

A conglomerate of all the happenings at Spurs Media Day.

Training Camp officially began today with Spurs Media Day, which meant seeing a lot of Spurs for the first time since April, some for the first time ever, others merely for the first time in a few weeks. Here is a quick round-up of what went down at the Spurs practice facility.

Gregg Popovich

Like always, Pop was gold with his responses on his first day back. He had his funny moments, like being “offended” that anyone would even consider asking him what will happen when he’s ejected for the first time this season.

On a more serious note, he was not happy about what went down with the Marcus Morris saga and couldn’t refrain from throwing a little shade (without naming names), especially because it cost them Davis Bertans.

DeMar DeRozan

DeRozan is feeling much more comfortable in the system entering Year 2 as a Spur.

He’s especially excited about finally getting to play alongside Dejounte Murray, who it turns out spent last year giving DmDr any useful information he could think of.

He is also not thinking about his contract right now, but instead is just focusing at the task at hand.

Dejounte Murray

In return, Murray is also excited about finally getting to play with DeRozan;

There might really be some serious chemistry between these two.

He also has no active medical restrictions and is ready to put his injury behind him, but Pop plans on taking it easy on him as DJ gets back into a rhythm.

Rudy Gay

Gay is feeling as healthy as ever since joining the Spurs and is ready to take things to the next level.

Derrick White

The Spur we’ve seen the most this summer and perhaps are the most anxious to see again, White said he is feeling no ill effects from his busy “offseason” and is ready to roll.

Tim Duncan

Perhaps not too surprisingly, Assistant Coach Timmy did not speak to the media today, but there was still plenty to be said about his return:

Fun Time

Check back later for more from Bruno Passos, who was on site.