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Manu Ginobili sports a wig at charity basketball game in China

2005 Manu made an appearance. Or at least his hair.

Detroit Pistons v San Antonio Spurs - Finals Game 2 Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Manu Ginobili’s hair betrayed him a long time ago, but doesn’t mean we haven’t all forgotten the glorious days of his long locks swaying through the air as he effortlessly Euro-stepped his way to the Spurs 2005 championship.

We all thought the days Manu’s hair were long gone, but then he gave us a flash back by recently donning a wig at a charity basketball game in China. And not just any wig, but one that is an oddly close match to his 2005 do.

Obviously the crowd loved it, and Tony Parker, who was playing for the other team, had a good laugh about it too (although I disagree with the Tweet that says he was “shook”). Unfortunately this is all the footage that can be found, so there’s no way of knowing if he wore the wig for the entire game and whether or not it gave him supernatural powers to return to his 2005 body. Maybe he should pay Tim Duncan a visit.