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Derrick White’s career mix tape is a taste of good things to come

This video will get Spurs fans pumped up.

It has been an entertaining summer from a Spurs standpoint. They drafted three players, all of whom bring their own skill set and excitement for the future. Lonnie Walker IV showed out in Summer League, adding on to the intrigue of what he will bring to the rotation next year. Tim Duncan was hired as an assistant coach. Dejounte Murray is officially back from injury, and Gregg Popovich is finally living his dream of coaching Team USA (even if the first event didn’t go according to plan — thanks, whoever decided moving the World Cup to the year before the Olympics and so late in the NBA offseason was a good idea).

However, the Spur who has stood out the most is Derrick White. After a breakout playoff performance followed a breakout regular season, he worked his way up the ranks from U.S. Select Team invite to being promoted to the senior team and making the final cut for the World Cup. All this has been exciting enough, but then Bleacher Report released a video titled “Derrick White is a Steal for the Spurs”.

I was initially disappointed that it was just a highlight real from last season without any commentary. (Maybe I shouldn’t expect a BBALLBREAKDOWN-style video from BR.) However, the more I watched it, the more pumped up I got for next season and to see what else White has up his sleeves. It’s amazing what simple highlights can do, and I have a new found appreciation for them.

Watch for yourself, and hopefully everyone else will feel the same excitement and anticipation running through their veins as I did.

42 days

(19 if you count training camp)