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Gregg Popovich jokingly rips Tim Duncan’s coaching acumen

“He doesn’t know a lick about coaching.”

Training camp for Team USA ahead of the 2019 FIBA World Cup is officially in full swing, and that means one thing: Gregg Popovich is back in front of the media microphones for the first time since the season ended. Of course, it’s only natural that although he’s not there as the Spurs head coach, he would get asked about their biggest news of the offseason: the signing of legend Tim Duncan as an assistant coach.

It’s also only natural that we would get a true Popovichian answer out of it:

Tim Duncan doesn’t know a lick about coaching. I don’t even know why I hired him. He’s given me a paycheck for 19 years so I was kind of obliged to pay him back.

Another all-time Pop quote. Does it top his one-liner from the Spurs‘ official announcement? Tough to say, but one thing is for sure: nothing breaks up the offseason monotony quite like some Pop humor. It will be especially fun when both of them are available to the public again when training camp starts in less than two months. Hopefully there will be some really juicy back-and-forths then.