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Designing and planning for the Spurs jerseys this season

If you had the power to dress the Spurs, what would they look like this year?

Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs - Game Two Photos by D. Clarke Evans/NBAE via Getty Images

Is it me or have NBA jerseys gotten out of hand? Once upon a time the Spurs had white jerseys for home and black jerseys for the road. Simple enough. I didn’t mind when there was a variation to the grey. But now there is a different jersey for every occasion and it would be simply impossible to keep up with acquiring all the styles for your favorite Spurs players.

There’s the pixelated military jerseys- both black and grey as well as the field camouflage colored versions. The holidays bring about a special font. And then there was the fiesta colored sweats.

Which begs the question: which jerseys would you like to see this season? There’s been a lot of internet buzz about fans requesting fiesta jerseys. Which would you hope to see retired and shelved?

Personally, I will always favor the home whites. But I could be persuaded by some rogue one-off style of the moment that grabs your attention.

If you could design a Spurs jersey, what would it look like?

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