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The Spurs lotería card schedule is so San Antonio

What will the Spurs creative designers think of next?

Each year, the Spurs find a new, creative way to present their schedule in the most San Antonio way possible. Last year it was with Spanish tiles that were featured not only on the schedule release, but throughout the season on the broadcasts, and this year they stepped it up another level with lotería cards, which is the Mexican version of Bingo.

The creators of the cards are team creative designer Justin Winget and senior designer Owen Lindsay, who both sat down the San Antonio Express News to discuss the creative process behind the designs.

“Lotería is such an authentic aspect of Hispanic culture, and staying true to the team, the city and the culture here is an important aspect of the work we do.”

Overall there’s 34 total cards in the deck, including one for all 30 NBA teams, plus a couple for the Coyote, AT&T Center, and one in honor of the fans. You can click here to scroll through them all.

Which is your favorite?