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The Spurs greatest playoff plays: Sweet 16, Bracket 2

The outcomes for this bracket were a little more interesting than Bracket 1’s.

Round 1 of the quest to find the Spurs’ greatest playoff play is complete, so this week it’s time for the start of the Sweet 16! Today we’re back to Bracket 2, which featured one upset and a near-massive upset. Here is a quick recap of how the polls turned out:

(1) Stephen Jackson 4th quarter threes: 53%

(8) Tim Duncan blocks Blake Griffin: 47%


(2) Kawhi Leonard blocks Russell Westbrook: 56%

(7) Derrick White dunk on Paul Millsap: 44%


(3) Manu Ginobili game-winning 3: 89%

(6) Marco Belinelli run-busting 3: 11%


(4) Cory Joseph posterizes Serge Ibaka: 30%

(5) Manu Ginobili 2OT layup: 70%


So the top seed — a huge series of shots from the fourth quarter of a championship-winning game — barely skated by a play from a first round exit, and the fifth seed blew out the fourth seed despite the higher seed being from a championship run. This is why we’re doing this! Now it’s time to move two of the remaining plays on to the Elite 8 next week. Be sure to vote for a winner of each match-up, and remember everyone can only vote once, so make yours count.

The first match-up today is the aforementioned sequence of plays that may be on borrowed time after staving off the first round upset but was still huge nonetheless vs. that 5th seed that already has pulled off an upset.

(1) Stephen Jackson 4th quarter threes — Game 6 vs. Nets, 2003 Finals

(5) Manu Ginobili 2OT layup — Game 1 vs. Suns, 2008 1st round


Who wins 1 vs. 5?

This poll is closed

  • 42%
    1. Stephen Jackson threes
    (274 votes)
  • 57%
    5. Manu Ginolbil 2OT layup
    (365 votes)
639 votes total Vote Now

The 2 vs. 3 match-up of this bracket features two completely opposite but equally clutch plays. One is on defense, the other on offense, and both helped lead to Finals appearance, although only one resulted in a championship.

(2) Kawhi Leonard blocks Russell Westbrook — Game 6 vs. Thunder, 2014 WCF

(3) Manu Ginobili game-winning 3 — Game 1 vs. Warriors, 2013 2nd round


Who wins 2 vs. 3?

This poll is closed

  • 35%
    2. Kawhi Leonard blocks Westbrook
    (231 votes)
  • 64%
    3. Manu Ginobili game-winning 3
    (413 votes)
644 votes total Vote Now

Come back tomorrow for the Sweet 16 of Bracket 3, and remember all polls for the Sweet 16 will close on Sunday, Sept. 1 at 6:00 PM CT. If you haven’t already, be sure to vote for the Sweet 16 of Bracket 1.