Brandon Clarke Summer League MVP - Bad Omen?

Overall, I liked the Spurs 2019 draft selections. LUKA sumanic and Keldon Johnson both have great potential, but I was a little disappointed that the Spurs had a shot at Brandon Clarke from Gonzaga and passed on him. some folks whine about Nasir Little not being picked at 19, but Little disappeared too many times during season despite being uber athletic. I like athleticism, but I ALWAYS lean towards what I saw in games, and in games Brandon Clarke was a stud. even if he want shooting well he would impact games in different ways. Two-way player doesn't describe all that he did at Gonzaga. But to see him so the SAME thing in SL play and snag the championship and MVP makes me even more uneasy about passing him over for Luka who I thought would be around at 29.

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