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Watch: Dejounte Murray surprises his younger brother with a car for graduation

If this doesn’t melt your heart, it’s made of stone.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

This is truly a heart warming moment. Spurs guard Dejounte Murray surprised his younger brother Nate with a new car after he graduated from high school, making honor roll with a 3.8 GPA along that. He posted a video of Nate’s reaction on Twitter, and the two share a long embrace as you hear Dejounte saying how proud he is.

Ballislife also captured a full message Dejounte wrote to Nate.

To my younger brother Nate, I love you and I’m so thankful for you. 10 months ago when you cried and asked to move with me because you was depressed and scared for your life and the fact that you didn’t have a male figure there 24/7 teaching you right from wrong I had no choice to take you in and become your guardian. One thing I made clear when you came was that I ain’t your mother or father but I’m going to be the best big brother and teach you right from wrong and help you grow as a young man. I am in tears writing this because all you ever wanted was a (sic) opportunity to be the best young man you can be and since the day you moved with me you been the most respectful person I ever met. You didn’t miss one day of school, on Honor Roll with a GPA 3.8, and Little Bro I just want to tell you this is the beginning for you and God has a PLAN for you. I hope you enjoy your new and first car 2019 Dodge Challenger. I love you Nate and I will be here for you forever Baby Brother!!!

It’s rare inside look into the life of a Spur, and sometimes it’s hard to look past the large paychecks and remember that athletes are people too, with families and real world problems. It’s so heartwarming to learn that Dejounte has let his brother move in with him and taken him under his wing when he needed it the most, all while dealing with a difficult year of his own after tearing his ACL and having to undergo extensive rehab.

He truly is the perfect Spur, and hopefully he is around for many more years to come.