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Mural Tour Stop #14- Countdown City Cuts

A South Flores barber showcases some intense mural talent.

Well, summer has started. My little one finished kindergarten and we are back on our mural tour. We’ve already found a few new spots and are making our way around San Antonio. I recently passed this location the other day not realizing I had seen the wall before . . . in a different image.

Located at 6730 S. Flores, Countdown City Cuts has one of the freshest Spurs murals in town. But what I didn’t know was that this was another wall that has been painted over since one of the Spurs brightest exited the squad.

What is now facing the busy street is an homage to Tim Duncan.

The front of the building sports the Spurs fiesta colors with their logo as well as the Spurs logo.

Inside, a fiesta themed cityscape rests under the Spurs logo as the Coyote cradles a basketball next two five Larry O’Brien trophies with the years of the Spurs five NBA titles.

You can book a trim at Countdown City Cuts here. Make sure and tell them Timmy sent you.

[On a personal note, my band The Gunslingers will be performing live on KENS 5 tomorrow between 9:00-10:00 as part for Great Day SA. Tune in if you can.]

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