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H-E-B, others are continuing the tradition of free coffee after Spurs playoff wins

Here’s where you can get your free coffee if the Spurs win tonight!

If you live in the San Antonio area, you may remember that Valero used to offer a free cup of coffee each morning after each Spurs postseason win. In 2014, I got myself 16 cups of coffee. Sixteen may sound like a lot, but for the playoffs, it’ just right.

Well, this year when the Spurs won Game 1 in Denver, Circle K (who now has taken over the Corner Store markets associated with Valero gas stations) chose not to continue this tradition.

And people were upset.

But rest assured, dear Spurs fans, H. E. B. has you covered.

And not just H. E. B., McDonald’s, QuickTrip, and Ancira have also come to the rescue.

So cheer on your Spurs, wake up early after a win, and go fight your way in line for that celebratory joe.